My Packages

The 'Active' Package

£399 per month

This is the package for business owners that know they should be promoting themselves on social media but do not have the time or the know how.

I’ll step in to run your social media accounts and make sure that potential customers know that your business isn’t dormant.

This will allow you to continue focusing on the day-to-day responsibilities that come with operating a business safe in the knowledge that I’m making people aware that you are active. I will create and post regular content throughout the week using  information gathered from yourself, your website and the wider internet.

The 'Personal Post Man' Package

£499 per month

This package is for businesses who are trying to use social media but, for numerous reasons, they think someone else could do a better job. This package will take your online presence to another level.

This is a more ‘hands on’ package, we will meet regularly to discuss your long term goals and I will develop a thorough understanding your business inside and out. I will post engaging, relevant content throughout the week and make recommendations as to how we can grow your online following. During my visits I will take photos and videos to be used on social media. At the end of each month you will receive a report detailing the social statistics for the past 4 weeks.


Facebook Ads

The power of Facebook ads is unbelievable, if you haven’t been using them to advertise your business then now is the time to start.

Essentially, it allows you to send out an advert to people’s Facebook news feed (I’m sure you’ve see them on your own feed). But the magical part is that Facebook allows you to only show the advert to your dream customer. This can include choosing their age, interests, location, job and so much more. This is an incredibly powerful tool.

Imagine you run a dog grooming business and you spend your marketing budget on placing a traditional advert in a magazine or posters on a wall or a radio advert or leaflets through people’s doors. These will be seen by a number people, however, many of these individuals may not have a dog or even live in the local area. Therefore, you’ve wasted a large percentage of your budget. That’s where Facebook ads come in.

The same dog groomer could use Facebook ads to create an advert and tell Facebook to only show it to people with dogs and live in the local area. Then they can set a budget of how much they want to spend promoting the advert and Facebook does the rest. No wasted budget.

That’s just a simple overview of Facebook ads, but we’ve only scratched the surface, there’s so many more incredible things you can do with them. With an added cost, I will create and run regular Facebook ads for your business (you provide the budget) to help you achieve your marketing goals.